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Curriculum Vitae


translation and interpretation



Travel Habits Survey
Translation. English>Danish.
TUI Travel PLC
For: Comunicando Translations, Barcelona, Spain.
www.comunicando.de 2011


Econo-Heat Wall Panel Heater
Translation. English>Danish.
For: Language Solutions, Stellenbosch, South Africa.
www.language-solutions.co.za   2011


Boat Tours - Bateaux Mouches
Touristic Marketing
Translation. English>Danish.
For: AIT Traduction, Paris, France.
www.ait-traduction.com   2011


Civil Lawsuit
Translation, Spanish>Danish.
For: Fasttranslator, Almere, Holland.
www.fasttranslator.com 2011


Annual Report 2008 and 2009
Integrated Service solutions S.L.
Translation, Spanish-Danish.
For: Fasttranslator.
www.fasttranslator.com 2011


Video game related localisation projects
Translation, review and quality assurance, English>Danish.
For: Localsoft. Málaga, Spain.
www.localsoftgames.com  2011


Freelance translator (in-house project),
09–12/2010 Localsoft S.L., Málaga, Spain
Video game related localisation project,
English into Danish.
Tasks: In an international team, together with another translator,
localisation of Nintendo 3DS system documentation,
including hardware manual, box text, guidelines for
software manuals and box texts, warranties, info leaflets etc.,
as well as glossary creation and revision of existing glossaries.
www.localsoftgames.com  2010


Football Encounter Interpretation
UEFA Champions League
Getafe Club de Fútbol - Odense BK
Press conference, FIFA security meeting
and stadium speaker service. Spanish-Danish.
For: Clark Football Languages Ltd.
www.footballinterpreter.com  2010


Biography of the Classical Guitarist Rolando Saad
Musikhuset Århus
Translation. Spanish-Danish.
For: Alpha Translations.
www.alphatranslations.net 2010


Epilepsy Debriefing Interview
Glaxo Smith Kline
Transcription. Danish-Danish.
For: AIT Traduction.
www.ait-traduction.com   2010


Legal Contract - Patent Agreement
Running Bike
Translation. Spanish-Danish.
Pain Pathways - The Physiology of Pain
Medical translation. English-Danish.
For: Fasttranslator.
www.fasttranslator.com 2010


Real Estate - Tourism - Marketing
Mediterranean Resorts
Translation. Spanish-Danish.
For: Deltatext.
www.deltatext.com 2010


VeriSign Certification
Microsoft  Questionaries
Ongoing translation,
revision and QA. English-Danish.
For: Globalwise Conversion Technologies.
www.globawise.com 2009-2010


Medical Equipment and Software
GE Healthcare
Ongoing translation,
revision and QA. English-Danish.
For: Tek Translation International.
www.tektrans.com 2007-2010


Operability Manual
Mechanical Engineering
Translation. English-Danish.
For: Traductores Españoles.
www.traductores-espanoles.com 2009


Savings Bank “La Caixa”
Corporate Web Page
La Caixa
Translation. Spanish-Danish.
www.balticvip.com 2009


Subtitling - Movies, Series and Documentaries
Danish Television.
Ongoing translation and editing. English-Danish.
For: SDI Media, Los Angeles.
www.sdimediagroup.com 2006-2009


Software Applications
for Hotel Management
International Hotel Chain
Translation. Spanish>Danish.
For: Turilingua, S.L.U., Barcelona, Spain.
www.turilingua.com 2007-2008


Artistic Descriptions and Presentations
for Classical Concerts and Theatre Plays
Danish concert halls and theatres
Translation. Spanish-Danish.
For: ESmedo, Barcelona, Spain.
www.esmedo.com 2007-2008


Commercial Descriptions
of Computer Software
Danish Specialist Press
Translation. Spanish-Danish.
For: Imasol Media S.L., Barcelona, Spain.
www.imasol.info 2007


Golf Resorts
Real Estate Promotion and Contracting
Polaris World Golf Resorts
Corporate Web Page and Resort descriptions.
Review and styling. Spanish-Danish.
Legal Master Plan
Juridical translation. Spanish-Danish.
For: Matiz Soluciones Lingüísticas, Cartagena, Spain.
www.matizgroup.com 2007


Procedure for the Filling of Cisterns
Akzo Nobel
Technical translation. Spanish-Danish.
For: GLS Servicios Lingüísticos, Zaragoza, Spain.
www.gls-online.com 2007


Informative Adoption Correspondence
AC Børnehjælp
Sanne Sloth Madsen,Århus,Denmark.
Translation. Spanish-Danish. 2007

Book Introduction
Técnica Completa de Canto
Complete Vocal Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Translation and styling. Danish-Spanish. 2007


Frame Contract for Leasing
Legal translation. Spanish-English.
Medical Vocabulary
Medical translation. English-Danish.
KCI International
For: Comunicando Translations, Yanil Motter.
www.comunicando.de 2006


Commercial Projection
Alianza Jacobson Agroalimentaria
Translation. Spanish-Danish.
For: Nexus Traducciones S.L., Valencia, Spain.
www.nexustraducciones.com 2006


Descriptions of Medical Instruments
Novo Nordisk
Medical translation. Danish-English.
For:TransPerfect Translations, New York.
www.transperfect.com 2006


Skype Commands
Skype Communication
Translation. English-Danish.
For: Z Studio, Czech Republic.
www.studio1solutions.com 2006


Graduate Documents
University of Granada
Translation. Spanish-English.
For: Jesús Expósito, Political Science Graduate,
Granada, Spain. Tel.: +34-600287258. 2006


Particular Correspondence
Nahima Kali, dancing teacher.
Granada and Madrid, Spain.
Translation. English-Spanish and Spanish-English. 2006


Corporate Web Page
Mil-tek Spain
Technical translation. English-Spanish.
Director Jacob Nielsen, Zaragoza, Spain.
www.miltek.es 2006


Confidentiality Agreement
Premium Ingredients S.L.
Translation. Danish-Spanish.
General Manager Henrik Stamm Kristensen. Murcia, Spain.
www.premiumingredients.es 2005


Legal Contracts, Book Presentations,
Editorial Espejo de Tinta
Translation. Spanish-Danish and Danish-Spanish.
Director Germán Ortega, C/ General Arrando 40, Madrid, Spain.
www.espejodetinta.es 2005


Commercial Surveys
Michelin, Good-year, Canon, Vision Care, etc.
Translation. English-Danish.
For: Business Translations Ltd, London, England.
www.simplytranslations.com 2005


Pharmaceutical Texts,
Manuals for Construction, Social Politics
Various companies and public institutions
Translation and review. English-Spanish-Danish.
For: Isotranslations, Torrox Costa, Málaga, Spain.
www.isotranslations.com 2005


Technique and Functionality of Nurse Call Systems
for Hospitals and Geriatric Centers
Faci Nurse Call Systems
All round corporate translation and interpretation service.
English-Spanish-Danish. 2003-2005


Commercial Promotion for Garden Roses
Roses Forever
Translation. Danish-Spanish.
For: Scantext, Århus, Denmark.
www.scantext.dk 2003


Instructions for Marine Scale
Translation Spanish-Danish.
For: Art of Word, Denmark.
www.artofword-translation.dk. 2003


Religious Encounters
Buddhist Monastery Wat Thai Denmark
Interpretation. English-Danish and Danish-English. 2003


Sessions of Hypnosis
Jacob Stracotta, Copenhagen, Stenløse.
Interpretation. Spanish-Danish y Danish-Spanish. 2003


Justice Encounters
Advokaterne i Vestergade
Legal interpretation. Spanish-Danish and Danish-Spanish.
For: Nabils Tolkeservice, Horsens, Denmark.
www.nabils-tolkeservice.dk 2003


Descriptions of Windmill Tools and Accessories
Gamesa Eólica S.A.
Translation. Spanish-Danish.
For: Jan Steensen, EUM Montage, 7000 Fredericia, Denmark.
www.eumontage.dk. 2003


Particular Correspondences
Entrepreneur Jørgen Nielsen
Fredericia, Denmark.
Translation. Spanish-Danish and Danish-Spanish. 2003


Bank and Real Estate Business
Telephone conversations. Private individuals.
Interpretation Spanish-Danish and Danish-Spanish. 2003


Medical Diagnosis
Viborg Hospital
Medical interpretation.
Spanish-Danish and Danish-Spanish. 2003


Collection of Poems - Book Translation
Sohan Qadri. Aforismer, Kimet og kimene.
Ørnens Forlag, Copenhagen, Denmark. ISBN 8787412 83 7.
Translation. English-Danish.1993-1994


Theosophy, Philosophy and Poetry
Arcane School "Talla de los Diamantes"
Translation and interpretation.
English-Spanish-Danish. Granada, Spain.
www.indudabbas.com 1991-2011


Oriental Medicine - Ayurveda
Medical Consultation
Deodat Brijlal Devindradat, oriental physician.
Copenhagen and Århus, Denmark.
Interpretation. English-Danish. 1991


Ayurvedic Medicine and Oriental Philosophy
Eight conferences
Deodat Brijlal Devindradat, oriental physician.
Copenhagen and Århus, Denmark.
Interpretation. English-Danish. 1991


The Ayurvedic Vision
Deodat Brijlal Devindradat, oriental physician.
Tolomó, Aspe, Alicante, Spain.
Transcription and translation. English-Danish. 1989



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