Linguistic and cultural know-how is everything. When translating, I pay special attention to transferring the content, style and function of your text as accurately as possible into the target language of your choice, without compromising its quality. As a text expert, it is extremely important to me that, whilst reading, the end user of your text isn't interrupted by coming across any abnormalities which would mark the text as 'translated'.

Literature & Film

My professional focus is on children's literature and film. My passion for subtitles was born in 2010 when I worked for the french-german TV channel Arte and got the chance to edit many texts for the programmes. In 2014 I had the honor of subtitling my first documentary, Arlette, which gave me the courage to specialise in that area. However, books have always been my first love. In 2013, I gave birth to my son and ever since, I'm a passionate reader of children's books.


Proofreading includes all services of copy editing plus the correction of mistakes in the content. If it's a text in its original language or a translation, it only achieves perfection if the end user doesn't notice any inconsistencies. To attain this goal, many criteria have to be met. The text has to be adapted to the knowledge and needs of the target culture and language, it has to have a logical structure as well as a clear message and a consistent style. Only then will you gain the credibility of your clients.

Copy editing

Copy editing is not about the improvement of mistakes in the content. In this kind of correction, the text will be examined for spelling, style, grammar, punctiation, etc. Don't just rely on spellcheck and make sure your text is presented without any flaws.

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